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Driving event registration success with Eloqua.
Series overview
For many marketers, events are a key part of the lead generation and customer retention strategy. The registration process is a key part of your overall event management processes. Oracle Eloqua provides your organisation with the opportunity to deliver a magical event registration, reminder and post-event communications CX.

This 3 part series will break down three of the most common types of events we see Oracle Eloqua customers hosting and provide tips and ideas to help you deliver the best possible experience from registration to reminders and the often neglected post-event campaigns.
3 Part Series Agenda
July - visit our blog for replays
Automate your Webinar Registration process & working with popular webinar platforms
The past 18 months have made us all webinar experts, but there's always something else we can do to enhance these campaigns.
  • Should you integrate your campaign with apps? e.g. ZOOM, ON24 etc.
  • Campaign Canvas design, creating a magical CX with registration, reminders and the post webinar campaign.
  • Engaging your webinar attendees during the webinar.
  • Get the most from your replay library, begin with the end in mind.
Designing a slick & engaging Event Registration process in a single location.
Whether it's a lunch meeting for 15 key executives or an all day event for 1,000 guests, Eloqua is a pivotal part of your event management process.
  • Multi-channel registration, driving people to your registration page.
  • Let the Form Design Editor do the heavy lifting, use the automation.
  • Creating engaging, responsive Landing Pages & micro-sites.
  • Post Event campaigns, continue the engagement after the last speaker.
Building intuitive registration processes for complex multi-location events.
Perhaps it's a national road show, product launch or multi-campus University Open Day, Eloqua has you covered.
  • Planning is key, what you need to know from the Events team.
  • The Form Design Editor & Campaign Canvas will drive your success.
  • What to do if dates or venues change? (clue... don't panic)
  • Dynamic Content, Shared Lists & smart Emails round out these events.

AsiaPac: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • Tuesday 27th July 2021 | Visit our blog for the replay
  • Tuesday 24th August 2021 @ 11:00 am
  • Tuesday 28th September 2021 @ 11:00 am
Americas: Eastern Daylight Time (EDT - USA)
  • Wednesday 28th July 2021 | Visit our blog for the replay
  • Wednesday 25th August 2021 @ 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday 22nd September 2021 @ 4:00 pm

Your Host: Derek Bell
Customer Success & Marketing Director
Derek spends his time with Eloqua customers every day, helping them maximise their CX with engaging Eloqua Campaigns. The host of our long running monthly Eloqua User Group, he creates an environment where people feel comfortable asking the questions they need answers to. In addition he drives our marketing with Matt Hemsley our Marketing Manager.

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What others have said about our Eloqua coaching & training.
“Just wanted to send you a note to say I finally got around to watching one of the webinar replays this afternoon.

It was great, I learnt so much in the hour and it answered quite a few questions I have thought about in the past.

It was the September replay which I watched and the upcoming rumours were really interesting, especially the multi-channel capability. "

Sarah - Marketing Operations Manager (UK)
Global IT Services Partner
“The session with Derek was really fantastic. Very inspiring! And very much in line with what I have been hoping for, ie, a super-user peer review and advisory.”

Trudi Allerby - Marketing Manager
Fusion5 & Eloqua Customer

"Tips or things I didn't know about/didn't know I could do"

Stephanie - New Zealand, Global Telco Provider
"Helps me examine current practice and look for new, better ways to utilise the tool and engage clients."

Elizabeth - Australia, Consulting Firm
"Tips about upcoming changes to the product - easier ways to do things and answers to quick questions are SO useful!"

Kath - Australia, Global Law Firm
A little more about the Eloqua User Group & Marketing Cube
The Eloqua User Group is held in the 4th week of the month.
  • CMO's, VP's of Marketing
  • Regional Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Automation Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Operations Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Digital Managers
If you're an Eloqua customer, register today for this LIVE webinar series.
  • You get to ask questions as you think of them
  • It's a chance to hear about Eloqua Release updates
  • Make some time for your personal development
  • Honestly, do you watch replays?
Why does Kath attend?
"Tips about upcoming changes to the product - easier ways to do things and answers to quick questions are SO useful!"

Senior MBD Data, Insights and Technology Manager
Australia, Global Law Firm
Since 2007 we’ve been honing our Marketing Automation skills and have assisted organisations to realise the rich benefits of Marketing Automation with Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua & Responsys.

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