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If you're not aware of updates, it's hard to take full advantage of Eloqua.

With updates twice per quarter, Eloqua users can have a hard time keeping up to date with the ever growing list of enhancements to both the core Eloqua platform and the hundreds of Apps.

Why watch this webinar replay?

This is one of many Eloqua User Group webinars we host each month. If you're new to Eloqua or have been using it for some time, the tips in this replay will provide your organisation with the following:

  • Navigating Topliners to find details about updates.
  • The source of truth on enhancements.
  • Don't forget Apps, not just updates but the ever growing list of apps.
  • Where to find Apps and how to install them.
  • Work out what a POD is and why it's important to know.
  • Recent updates for Release 487 & more...

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Go forth and automate.